HRES1134 - Training and Development

3 (3/0/0)
This course covers basic information about the characteristics of effective training and development programs in building an engaged workforce.
  1. Apply the formal steps in the training process.
  2. Create a course registration and record keeping procedure.
  3. Identify and apply the ADDIE (Assessment, Design, Development, Implement and Evaluate) model of training.
  4. Identify criteria for outsourcing training and evaluating vendors.
  5. Assess organizational and individual training needs using a needs analysis.
  6. Explore the various types of training methods used in organizations.
  7. Develop a tool to measure training effectiveness.
  8. Identify employee training trends.
  9. Evaluate conditions that lead to a successful training program.
  10. Demonstrate effective training techniques.
  11. Differentiate between the concepts of training and employee development.
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