HRES1126 - Talent Acquisition

3 (3/0/0)
This course covers the basic knowledge of the factors to be considered and the strategies used in the employment process.
  1. Compare the formal workforce planning models.
  2. Identify the different strategies for talent acquisition.
  3. Apply knowledge of employment law to the talent acquisition process.
  4. Apply the job analysis and create the job description to determine job requirements.
  5. Identify disparate treatment and adverse impact in relation to employee recruitment.
  6. Create an effective employment job posting for various media.
  7. Compare employee selection methods.
  8. Demonstrate lawful and effective employee interviewing techniques.
  9. Analyze job applicant qualifications.
  10. Review key elements in a successful employment process.
  11. Prepare correct documentation for the employment process.
  12. Prepare a job offer and new employee orientation program.
  13. Explore varied matrix for the success of the employment process.
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