Diploma - 58 credits

About this program
Cosmetology is the art, science and business of beauty care and thus offers students a variety of career opportunities. Students completing the program can choose to be general cosmetologists or to excel in an area of expertise such as perming and cutting, hair care and coloring, or skin and nail care. Students of the Cosmetology program will receive a combination of classroom and laboratory work with the opportunity to practice their skills on mannequins and actual customers in the campus salon. Acquired cosmetology hours or credits earned and documented from other licensed colleges, whether in- or out-of-state, may be accepted upon approval of the Minnesota Board of Cosmetologists. Graduates holding a valid cosmetology license are eligible for employment in salons and many other unique employment settings. The Board of Cosmetologists, which is the cosmetology licensing body, requires 1,550 hours of clinical time in order to become licensed in Minnesota. Upon completion of 1,550 hours and passing of the state exam, a license will be issued. (Note: 33 credits in Salon Practicum is the maximum number of credits which can be applied toward the diploma.)
Program outcomes
  1. Relate the knowledge and technical procedures to perform proficiently in all cosmetology skills.
  2. Apply ethical behaviors and human relation skills with patrons, employers and co-workers.
  3. Show professionalism in all relationships in the cosmetology salon environment.
  4. Know and understand the Minnesota state laws, rules and regulations that pertain to the individual policies or responsibilities of all cosmetology license holders.
  5. Know employee sanitation procedures and perform safety procedures in compliance with Minnesota laws and rules.
  6. Evaluate hair, skin and nail disorders or diseases that should be referred to a physician.
  7. Prepare and know the specific uses and safety of all equipment and supplies used in the cosmetology salon.
  8. Prepare the chemical formulas necessary to ensure accurate product knowledge to perform cosmetology services.
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1st Fall Term - 20 credits

Course Credits
COSM1005 - Hair Reformation 1
COSM1007 - Gel Nail Applications 1
COSM1100 - Salon Safety 1
COSM1117 - Shampooing and Rinsing 1
COSM1119 - Haircutting 1
COSM1129 - Hairstyling 1
COSM1161 - Nail Structure and Growth 1
COSM2100 - Chemical Texture Services 1
COSM2200 - Manicuring/Pedicuring 1
COSM2400 - Advanced Nail Techniques 1

Additional Requirements:

10 COSM1200-Salon Practicum, COSM2800-Alexandria Body Sugaring

1st Spring Term - 20 credits

Course Credits
COSM1000 - Principles and Practices 3
COSM1002 - Client Consultations 1
COSM1004 - Cosmetic Chemistry and Makeup Applications 1
COSM1109 - Skin Analysis 1
COSM1130 - Properties of the Hair and Scalp 1
COSM1157 - Histology of the Skin 1
COSM1159 - Facials and Hair Removal 1
COSM1163 - Hair Color 1
COSM1171 - Principles of Hair Design 1
COSM2000 - Artistry in Hairstyling 1

Additional Requirements:

8 COSM1200-Salon Practicum, COSM2800-Alexandria Body Sugaring

1st Summer Term - 10 credits

Course Credits
COSM1006 - Spa Therapies 1
COSM1010 - Eyelash Extensions 1
COSM2300 - Cosmetology Anatomy 1
COSM2500 - Salon Business 1

Additional Requirements:

6 COSM1200-Salon Practicum, COSM2800-Alexandria Body Sugaring

2nd Fall Term - 8 credits

Course Credits
COSM1003 - License Preparation 1
COSM1179 - Minnesota Cosmetology Laws and Rules 1

Additional Requirements:

6 COSM1200-Salon Practicum, COSM2800-Alexandria Body Sugaring