Medical Administrative Assistant

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) - 60 credits

About this program
The Medical Administrative Assistant AAS program prepares students to work in a variety of medical settings, handling all types of administrative duties for private practices, hospitals and clinics. This program offers a broad foundation of knowledge and skills, expanding the traditional role of the medical secretary through the addition of liberal arts classes in preparation for leadership roles. Graduates of this program are highly trained office specialists who are prepared to accept responsibility for the coordination of medical office functions and patient billing processes. Successful medical administrative assistants have excellent communication skills and exhibit a high degree of professionalism. All courses in the program incorporate the skills needed for employment in the medical administrative assistant profession.
Program outcomes
  1. Demonstrate professional business communication.
  2. Communicate using the language of medicine.
  3. Utilize technology for medical office applications.
  4. Prepare and manage the healthcare record.
  5. Demonstrate professional work behaviors.
  6. Perform diagnosis and procedure coding.
  7. Perform insurance and financial procedures for the medical office.
  8. Manage and maintain an appointment schedule.
  9. Demonstrate knowledge of structure and function of the human body.
  10. Demonstrate professional communication for the medical office.
  11. Demonstrate knowledge of disease processes and their treatments.
  12. Explain legal and ethical behavior in a healthcare setting.
  13. Perform registration procedures.
  14. Apply critical thinking skills.
  15. Explain strategies for medical office management.
  16. Demonstrate organizational skills.
  17. Demonstrate proper written communication.
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