ADMM1104 - Medical Language Applications I

3 (2/1/0)
This course provides in-depth analysis of medical language for nonclinical personnel and prepares students for working in many aspects of a medical office. Construction, definition, spelling, pronunciation and proper written and verbal usage of medical language are emphasized. Students will learn to define, spell, pronounce and use medical terms with application in the many contexts of working in a medical office.
  1. Utilize prefixes, combining forms and suffixes to construct medical terms.
  2. Apply medical terms pertaining to basic body systems as related to the medical office role.
  3. Spell medical terms in medical office communication.
  4. Apply medical terms in the appropriate context.
  5. Pronounce medical terms using commonly preferred pronunciation.
  6. Apply medical terms for medical procedures and treatments.
  7. Demonstrate fluency in medical language as it applies to written and verbal communication in a medical office.
  8. Demonstrate fluency in medical language as it applies to health care documentation.
  9. Demonstrate fluency in medical language as it applies to medical billing procedures.
  10. Abstract and analyze information from medical documentation.
  11. Apply medical abbreviations following Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) guidelines.
  12. Document following AHDI guidelines.
Degrees that use this course

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Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

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