Electrical Line Worker Technology

Diploma - 36 credits

About this program
The Electrical Line Worker program provides trained personnel for the power industry. Coursework provides both theory and practical hands-on experience in all phases of power line construction and maintenance. Coursework includes electrical math, national electrical safety codes, construction of overhead and underground distribution systems, conductor applications, over-voltage and over-current protection, guying and pole grounding. The 90-acre training field located near the campus provides a site for hands-on experience in pole setting. The successful graduate is eligible for employment in rural electric and municipal utilities or with private contractors.
Program outcomes
  1. Install electrical structures.
  2. Interpret trade specifications and drawings.
  3. Install single and multiphase overhead and underground distribution systems.
  4. Demonstrate competent climbing abilities.
  5. Demonstrate aerial rescue procedures.
  6. Install fusing, lightning protection devices, transformers and related electrical equipment.
  7. Interpret and apply the National Electric Safety Code.
  8. Demonstrate professionalism and related soft skills.
  9. Demonstrate professional safety practices.
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Curriculum overview

Credits Requirement type
31 Required courses
2 Restricted electives in courses
3 Restricted electives in course types
36 Total

Electrical Lineworker Technology - Diploma

Required Courses:

Course Credits
ELWT1102 - Electrical Line Worker Theory I 4
ELWT1104 - Electrical Structure Installation 5
ELWT1106 - Climbing Electrical Structure 4
ELWT1108 - Construction of Overhead Structures 3
ELWT1110 - Line Worker Theory II 4
ELWT1112 - Transformers 2
ELWT1114 - Line Construction Reports 2
ELWT1116 - Pole Top and Bucket Rescue 1
ELWT1118 - Field Construction I 3
ELWT1120 - Field Construction II 3

2 credits from one or more of these courses:

Course Credits
ELWT1122 - Field Construction III 3
ELWT1130 - Electrical Line Worker Internship 2

3 credits from these course types:

Course Type
General Education w/MnTC Goals