ELWT1120 - Field Construction II

3 (0/3/0)
This course covers the installation of multi-phase high voltage systems under actual field conditions. The overhead section will cover structure assembly including grounding, structural guying, conductor installation including stringing and tying, multi-phase transformer installation, capacitor installation, regulator installation, and the use of protective cover-up material and hot sticks. The underground section will cover multiple cable installation, primary and secondary cable termination, three-phase pad mount transformer installation and multi-phase sectionalizing cabinet installation.
  1. Construct two phase overhead construction project.
  2. Construct three phase overhead construction project.
  3. Design and install multi-phase overhead construction staking sheet and project.
  4. Demonstrate installation of protective cover up material.
  5. Install personal protective grounds.
  6. Participate in live line training project.
  7. Display professional conduct.
  8. Design three phase overhead capstone project
  9. Construct three phase overhead capstone project
Degrees that use this course

Electrical Line Worker Technology

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)