Associate of Arts - Liberal Arts and Sciences

M State's Associate of Arts is an ideal degree option if your goal is transferring to a four-year college or university to complete your bachelor's degree.

M State's Associate of Arts - Liberal Arts and Sciences degree is designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a bachelor's degree. By earning an AA degree at M State, you can complete enough general education requirements to fulfill the first two years of most bachelor's degree programs.

Flexible options

While the degree does not require a focus on a particular academic area, some students choose to take courses to prepare for a specific bachelor's degree program.

You can pursue this degree part time or full time. Full-time students can expect to complete the degree in about two years. The degree can be earned on any of M State's four campuses or online.

AA degree requirements

To earn an AA degree, you must complete these requirements:

  • Complete a minimum of 60 semester credits numbered 1000 or above
  • Achieve an overall GPA of 2.00 and a GPA of 2.00 within the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)
  • Earn at least 20 of the 60 credits at M State
  • Complete a minimum of 40 credits from the MnTC and fulfill individual requirements in each of the 10 MnTC goal areas

Students can use the Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences Worksheet to track their required courses.

The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum

The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum is the common general education curriculum developed by M State and all other Minnesota two- and four-year public colleges. It was developed to make it easy for students to transfer between schools within the Minnesota State colleges and universities (Minnesota State) system and the University of Minnesota. When you complete a transfer degree and transfer into a four-year college or university, you will have completed your general education requirements and possibly some requirements for your major.

To complete the entire MnTC, you must earn a minimum of 40 credits in the 10 goal areas, as well as the requirements for each of the goal areas. Passing grades (A-D) for MnTC courses apply including transfer courses; however, a cumulative MnTC GPA of 2.0 is required to complete the entire 40 credit package. There may be specific MnTC courses that require a minimum grade.

Advantages of an M State AA degreez degrees

  • You'll enjoy a four-year college experience on a two-year college campus
  • Small class sizes mean a personalized education
  • Our low cost per credit makes M State an exceptional educational value
  • You'll have an opportunity to explore your career interests
  • Courses are taught by faculty with master's or doctorate degrees in their field of study
  • Spartan Centers offer academic assistance on all M State campuses
  • Online courses are available
  • Student life activities provide opportunities for campus involvement
  • Scholarships are available
  • Faculty and staff help students build a solid foundation for success at a four-year university
  • This is an M State Z-Degree - so your textbooks are free of charge!

Career preparation

An AA degree can prepare you to transfer into a wide range of academic fields including:

Computer Science
Criminal Justice
Early Childhood Education

Environmental Sciences
Fisheries and Wildlife
Health Occupations
Human Services
Law Enforcement
Mass Communications

Physical Therapy
Political Science
Social Work
Sport Management
Veterinary Medicine
Visual Arts
Sport Management
Visual Arts



Featured News


Tristan Trosvig

Tristan Trosvig

Associate of Arts - Liberal Arts and Sciences

After taking PSEO classes during high school, I started my sophomore year at M State in Fergus Falls with all but 22 credits completed. Like most AA students, I dabbled in a bit of everything in terms of subject matter.

Abdullahi Hashi

Abdullahi Hashi

Associate of Arts - Liberal Arts and Sciences

After coming to the United States in 2008 and surviving that first harsh winter, I thought of higher education. M State Fergus Falls was the nearest campus and, since I had a passion for agriculture, I enrolled without thinking twice in the Sustainable Food Production program.

Haroon Al Hayde

Haroon Al Hayder

Associate of Arts - Liberal Arts and Sciences
Education and learning encouraged me to enroll at M State. I chose Liberal Arts and Science as my degree because I wanted to take some inspiring classes like philosophy, leadership, public speaking, religion and humanities.
Sydney Anderson

Sydney Anderson

Associate of Arts - Liberal Arts and Sciences
I chose M State because I don’t learn well in bigger classrooms. I have a harder time asking for help when I can’t get the one-on-one help that I need from a teacher. I knew that being in smaller classrooms would help me not feel so overwhelmed. Plus it’s close to home!

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