Human Resources

Welcome to M State Human Resources

The mission of the Human Resources Department of Minnesota State Community and Technical College is to provide leadership to the college community. This leadership will assist management in fostering a challenging and supportive work environment in which both the college and its employees thrive.

Meet our staff:

Dacia Johnson

Title: Vice President of Human Resources
Office Phone: 218.736.1512


Title: Assistant Human Resources Director
Office Phone: 218.299.6870

Brenda Tangen

Title: Human Resources Associate
Office Phone: 218.846.3870

Heidi Balgaard

Title: Human Resources Associate
Office Phone: 218.736.1513

Becky McMahan

Title: Human Resources Associate
Office Phone: 218.299.6533

Attention employees eligible for tuition waivers:

Please use our online system to request tuition waivers. Paper forms will no longer be used.

Website :

Login: Use your STAR ID and password. If you are a user of the ISRS faculty web portal or eTimesheet, this is the same user ID and password to gain access to the Tuition Waiver system. If you don't know your user ID and password, please contact your HR office for that information.

Process: Submitting tuition waiver requests using the new system will be very simple if you follow these steps:

1. Log in using the URL, user ID and password described above.
2. Create and submit your tuition waiver request(s).
3. Check back in the Tuition Waiver system to see when the waiver is processed by HR.

Fall semester waivers have been loaded in the system and that usage is factored into your remaining credit balance for spring/summer.
Do not print the form. Campus accounts receivable offices will run a report that will show all the waivers for M State that have been approved by HR. They will use this report to process waivers, applying dollar amounts to student bills.
Check your bill information to make sure the tuition waiver was processed in a timely manner.

If you are unable to attend a training session, the WebEx sessions will be recorded so you can view them online at your convenience. Additional sessions will be offered if there is a demand.

Quick Reference Guide: Attached is a quick reference guide that will give you just enough information to use the system without overwhelming you with details. Feel free to use this guide in lieu of the WebEx training.

Documentation: All tuition waiver system documentation is posted on the web at: under the heading Human Resources and Payroll Documentation and subheading Tuition Waiver.

Questions/Problems: Please contact the Human Resources office if you have problems or questions with the tuition waiver system.

Fergus Falls - 218.736.1513
Moorhead - 218.846.3853