GDTC2231 - Design Portfolio

3 (2/1/0)
This course focuses on planning, creating and assembling an industry-ready graphic design portfolio. Students will each develop a plan to work toward their individual portfolio goals. Branding oneself for the job search process will be covered, and students will be assigned self-promotional projects for this purpose. Multiple assignments will provide the opportunity for students to practice presenting their portfolios to large and small groups.
  1. Produce a thorough portfolio inventory and evaluation.
  2. Prepare a comprehensive portfolio-building plan for the semester.
  3. Establish an interview-ready portfolio by creating new work and/or improving on existing work.
  4. Develop a brand campaign for oneself in the form of multiple self-promotional projects.
  5. Create and maintain an online portfolio of design work.
  6. Examine and experiment with methods of digital mock-up and photography.
  7. Practice effective verbal and visual portfolio presentation techniques.
  8. Complete a group portfolio presentation, providing articulate discussions on each piece.
  9. Provide thoughtful analyses of others' work, and apply this critical thinking to defend one's own work.
Degrees that use this course

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