GDTC2212 - Design and Layout III

3 (2/1/0)
As the third of three layout courses in a series, this course focuses on brand and identity development. Each student develops his or her own fictitious company that will include a visual identity and supporting brand materials. Additional applications of these concepts are explored in the form of self-promotional projects. Special emphasis is placed on research, marketing techniques, rationale and presentation.
  1. Identify and apply branding techniques.
  2. Employ brainstorming methods in individual and group settings.
  3. Create projects using industry-level parameters and communications.
  4. Explore and administer marketing research methods as it applies to brand development and promotional campaigns.
  5. Identify, research and develop a branding concept for a fictional company.
  6. Identify, research and develop a promotional campaign for a brand.
  7. Research and produce a self-branded identity system.
  8. Present and defend design projects to the class using industry vocabulary and rationale.
  9. Analyze other students' work, and effectively communicate analyses during group critiques.
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