Academic Assessment of Student Learning Policy

Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Effective date
March 1, 2005
Last content update
March 1, 2005


In order to continuously improve the quality of student learning in the College, faculty will develop and implement methods of data collection to assess student learning in:

  • College’s core abilities
  • Program learning outcomes
  • Course outcomes


Assessment will promote continuous review and improvement of curriculum and instruction leading to increased student learning.


Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

Ensures that assessment of student learning activities at the institutional, program and course levels takes place each year and that results are reported to the Office of Institutional Research.

Curricular Assessment Committees

Approves assessment processes for the college.


Collects data about student learning each year, shares results with appropriate groups, implements needed changes to courses or programs and reports findings to the Office of Institutional Research.

Technical Program Advisory Committee

Reviews assessment data at fall meeting and recommends curriculum adjustments based on the findings to the program faculty.

Office of Institutional Research staff

Collects all academic assessment data and posts to College’s Intranet.


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