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Concurrent Enrollment Mentor Expectations

Concurrent enrollment mentors serve a critical role in ensuring that our courses meet the outcomes, expectations and quality we expect at M State.

The high school teacher you mentor must be committed to meeting M State's Concurrent Enrollment Program guidelines in order to teach college-level courses in his or her high school.

Mentor expectations include:

  • With a new mentoring relationship where either the concurrent enrollment instructor or course is new, the mentor completes two classroom observations for which two on-site visits to the high school are required. Mentors also do a pre-class meeting, which can be done using technology. The remaining meetings can be done using technology or in person.
  • With a mentoring relationship where the concurrent enrollment instructor has taught the course before and has been mentored by a faculty member, the mentor completes one classroom observation for which one on-site visit to the high school is required. The remaining two meetings for that assignment can be done by webinar, phone, some other type of technology or in person.
  • Provide support, guidance and mentoring for concurrent enrollment high school instructors to ensure the delivery of a quality, collegiate-level learning experience for concurrent enrollment students.
  • Review the course syllabus and course outline with the high school instructor to ensure consistency in course outcomes and expectations.
  • Review grading practices to ensure standards are similar to those in on-campus courses.
  • Review assignments and assessments to ensure students are being assessed using methods similar to those in on-campus courses.
  • Mentor the high school instructor on subject matter, course guidelines, required materials, exams, grading, testing procedures and length of class meetings.
  • Provide information for the high school teacher on M State academic policies and procedures and/or refer policy and procedure questions to the K12 collaboration manager or associate vice president.
  • Ensure high school students have access to library and other college services to assist them in their academic success and/or refer any access questions to the academic administrative assistant.
  • Submit a mentor report at the end of each semester.
  • Mentors are encouraged to attend the annual fall Concurrent Enrollment Day on the Fergus Falls campus.
  • Be familiar with the Concurrent Enrollment Handbook and other mentor and teacher resources found on M State's Concurrent Enrollment website and in the Employee Portal > Files and Forms > K12 Collaborations.

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K12 Spotlight Award

If you have a high school instructor you want to acknowledge for going above and beyond, recognize them by giving them the M State K12 Spotlight Award!

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