Wadena Campus Service Team

Need help? Here's the team that's ready to assist while you're a student on our Wadena campus. 

Advising: Your advisor's contact information is on your SpartanNet page

Bookstore: Jessica Keddy 

Business Services: https://www.minnesota.edu/about/facilities-and-finance/business-services

Campus Resources/General Information: Marlo Hieb

Campus Registration and Records: minnesota.edu/registration

Career Services: Sue Zurn

Accessibility Resources: minnesota.edu/accessibility-resources 

Enrollment/Recruitment: Katie Anderson

IT Support: Tracy Crawford, or click on Tech Support on your SpartanNet page

Library: Diane Wuollet

Social Worker/Resource Referral: Lori Hinrichs

Student Life: Suzie Lundsten

Student Affairs: Suzie Lundsten

Veterans Services: Aaron Johnson

It's important for M State to have your current information. Please contact the Support Center at 877.455.3322 if you need assistance with updating your address, phone number, major or campus, or if you have had a name change.