Correctional Officer

Certificate - 25 credits

About this program
Students interested in a criminal justice career other than law enforcement may enroll in the Correctional Officer certificate program. The certificate program is designed to provide pre-employment education for the student who desires a position as a correctional officer. The program also provides continuing education for employed correctional officers. Students who complete the certificate program articulate into the two-year Criminal Justice AS degree for peace officer licensing.
Program outcomes
  1. Students will gain basic knowledge and career skills, and develop values and attitudes consistent with professional career employment opportunities within the state correctional system.
  2. Students will participate in quality learning experiences that will help to prepare each student for the challenges of their selected career choice.
  3. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the importance of maintaining effective collaborative relationships with all federal, state, and local criminal justice organizations and human service agencies.
  4. Students will develop a code of behavior consistent with the professional attitudes and ethical standards expected of correctional officers and criminal justice professionals.
Correctional Officers will find employment in state prisons as well as county and municipal jails. Other possibilities include prison camps, youth correctional facilities, Federal correctional institutions and privately managed for-profit prisons. Homeland Security, the private security industry, U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service and Airport Transportation Security are also possibilities. The Correctional Officer will have no authority outside of the institution in which they are employed. Increased mandatory sentencing guidelines, high turnover, and a lack of dependency on economic fluctuations contribute to a better than average outlook for the labor demand in this occupation.
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