Limited Scope Radiography

Diploma - 46 credits

About this program
The Limited Scope Radiography program prepares students to become competent entry-level limited scope radiographers. The limited scope radiographer works under the direction of a health care provider and communicates with and positions patients for specified types of radiography examinations. The limited scope radiographer provides quality care to patients; manipulates radiographic equipment and accessories; selects and adjusts technical factors; provides radiation protection for patients, self and others; obtains diagnostic images; performs image evaluation; and carries out activities associated with equipment quality control. Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a variety of radiography exams on patients in various health care settings.
Program outcomes
  1. Model professional behaviors and perform duties within the ethical and legal boundaries of a limited scope radiographer.
  2. Demonstrate use of critical thinking and independent judgment.
  3. Conduct and participate in quality improvement and quality control tasks.
  4. Use compassion and interpersonal communication skills with patients, members of the health care team and others.
  5. Manipulate radiographic equipment and accessories in the pursuit of quality radiographic images.
  6. Demonstrate appropriate image acquisition and positioning techniques to obtain quality radiographic images.
  7. Evaluate images for image quality and determine quality improvement methods.
  8. Apply radiation protection and safety practices to patients, self and others.
  9. Use patient care skills and monitoring techniques.
  10. Participate in lifelong learning activities as required by the profession.
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