Eyelash Extension Technician

Certificate - 3 credits

About this program
This course will be for nail technicians and any person seeking a license to perform eyelash extensions. "Eyelash extensions" means the application, removal and trimming of threadlike natural or synthetic fibers to an eyelash, and includes the cleansing of the eye area and lashes. Eyelash extensions do not include color agents, straightening agents, permanent wave solutions, bleaching agents, applications to the eyebrow or any other cosmetology service. Eyelash technician training consists of board-approved curriculum of 38 hours. There will be instruction in the following: structure, function, and disorders of the eye and orbital area; eyelash growth cycles; contraindications and allergic reactions; infection control; eye shapes and eyelash evaluation; product ingredients; health and safety; and laws and rules. There will also be instruction in the application of eyelash extensions, including client consultation, design, cleansing the eye area, applying eyelash extensions, and removing eyelash extensions.
Program outcomes
  1. Students will demonstrate the proper steps to clean and disinfect all tools used for eyelash extensions.
  2. Students will recite steps to take if adhesive accidentally gets into a client's eyes.
  3. Students will perform a patch test to determine if a client is allergic to adhesive.
  4. Describe the requirements to obtain an eyelash technician license.
  5. Explain what is needed to renew an eyelash technician license.
  6. List the equipment and supplies needed to open an eyelash salon.
  7. Students will identify the structure, function and disorders of the eye and orbital area.
  8. Students will identify contraindications and allergic reactions.
  9. Students will understand eyelash growth cycles.
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Curriculum overview

Credits Requirement type
3 Required courses
3 Total

Eyelash Extension Technician

Required Courses:

Course Credits
COSM1010 - Eyelash Extensions 1
COSM1100 - Salon Safety 1
COSM1179 - Minnesota Cosmetology Laws and Rules 1