PWST2206 - Chainsaws and Generators

3 (1/2/0)
This course offers a comprehensive view of maintenance, diagnostics and post-repair inspections of chainsaws. This course also covers generator components and testing procedures. Students will test generator voltages and learn how to diagnose and repair generators. Students must have an understanding of electricity and electrical meter usage prior to taking this class.
  1. Practice safety and accident prevention when using and testing chainsaws and generators.
  2. Identify the principal components of a generator.
  3. Describe the basic operations of various generator systems.
  4. Practice chainsaw bar and chain service.
  5. Perform carburetor repair and testing.
  6. Discuss the difference between maximum and rated wattages.
  7. Perform generator troubleshooting and and repair.
  8. Utilize manufacturer's service and parts literature.
  9. Perform off-season storage procedures.
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