PWST1025 - Fuel Systems II

3 (1/2/0)
Fuel Systems II is the second in a two-part course series covering two- and four-cycle off-road and marine products. Students will apply the theories of fuel system operation to both two- and four-stroke engines. Included in this course will be inspection and troubleshooting, along with seasonal service requirements and fuel quality testing.
  1. Identify different designs of fuel systems.
  2. Explain carburetor circuit operations.
  3. Identify different fuel injection principles.
  4. Identify different styles of carburetors.
  5. Explain fuel pump operation.
  6. Test fuel pump pressures and vacuums.
  7. Rebuild carburetors according to manufacturer specifications.
  8. Demonstrate mechanical troubleshooting procedures.
  9. Test oil pumps for proper operation.
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