PNSG1520 - Nursing Care of Women, Newborns and Children

2 (2/0/0)
This course provides an integrative approach to the care of childbearing women, newborns and children. Emphasis is placed on normal pregnancies, normal growth and development, and common pediatric disorders. Principles of pathophysiology, nutrition and pharmacology are applied.
  • BIOL2260
  • BIOL2261
  • Current American Heart Association Basic Life Support
  • Current, clear national background check
  • Current, clear Minnesota Department of Health criminal background check
  • Experience as a nursing assistant as guided by the PN application packet
  • PNSG1509
  • PNSG1512
  • PNSG1514
  • PSYC2222
  • Up-to-date immunizations and health form
  1. Illustrate nursing care related to health promotion for women, newborns and children.
  2. Determine the data obtained from a focused assessment that contributes to the individual plans of care for women, newborns and children.
  3. Analyze potential and actual patient complications and interventions from an established plan of care that address the needs of the individual pregnant woman, newborn or child.
  4. Summarize critical information based on focused assessments and interventions to be reported to appropriate interprofessional team members.
  5. Apply knowledge of pharmacology, physiology and nutrition to the care of women and newborns.
  6. Apply knowledge of pharmacology, pathophysiology and nutrition to the care of children with common pediatric disorders.
  7. Relate legal and ethical implications when caring for women, newborns and children.
  8. Categorize the major classifications of medications, common medications within each classification, potential and actual complications, contraindications and rationales for medication administration for women, newborns and children.
  9. Demonstrate the role of the practical nurse when implementing established teaching plans that promote individualized care for women, newborns and children.
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