PNSG1514 - Clinical I Practical Nurse Foundations

4 (0/4/0)
This clinical course provides the student an opportunity to apply nursing judgment using the nursing process to implement safe, patient-centered and relationship-centered care in selected settings. The student demonstrates focused assessments, data collection and implementation of skills learned in lab settings. The student documents findings and reinforces teaching plans for individual patients with common problems. The student develops communication and customer service skills while working with individual patients and team members.
  • Acceptance into the Practical Nursing Program
  • Current American Heart Association Basic Life Support
  • Current, clear Minnesota Department of Health criminal background check
  • Current, clear national background check
  • Experience as a nursing assistant as guided by the PN application packet
  • Up-to-date immunizations and health form
  1. Demonstrate caring communication skills and cultural sensitivity while using the nursing process to contribute to an established plan of care for the older adult patient.
  2. Provide health care information and reinforce established teaching plans for patients.
  3. Maintain confidentiality when using information technology.
  4. Utilize technology to access reliable information and resources that support patient care, reduce reliance on memory and enhance competency within the practice setting.
  5. Provide rationales for prioritization of care and nursing judgments.
  6. Demonstrate nursing judgment when performing focused assessments, choosing nursing interventions from an established plan of care, and monitoring and reporting changes in the patient's condition.
  7. Display personal integrity and professional behaviors while maintaining professional boundaries within the scope of practical nursing.
  8. Identify methods to improve and enhance patient satisfaction, customer service and cost-effective health care services.
  9. Implement National Patient Safety Goals and safe nursing practice in the clinical setting.
  10. Collaborate with other health care providers to promote safe and quality patient-centered care.
  11. Demonstrate ways to organize and plan work in the provision of safe and quality patient-centered care.
  12. Apply safe nursing practice while caring for patients.
  13. Accurately document the provision and outcomes of patient care in the clinical setting.
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