MKTG2402 - Management and Marketing Seminar

3 (3/0/0)
This seminar provides an avenue for the exploration and investigation of special study topics in management and marketing. As a career enrichment course, it is designed to integrate the coursework taken and contribute to the student's personal and/or professional career goals. Students will develop technology and decision-making skills through simulation. Students will get hands-on learning opportunities through mentorships, guest speakers, podcasts, networking events, conferences, workshops or webinars related to business. Students will work closely with Career Services for job search preparation.
  1. Apply technology skills to research, analyze and communicate business decisions.
  2. Collaborate effectively in a team setting.
  3. Apply critical thinking skills in a work environment.
  4. Implement effective oral and written business communication skills in a professional environment.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of professional business expectations in a work environment.
  6. Display personal accountability and professionalism in the workplace.
  7. Demonstrate professional ethical practices.
  8. Simulate management, marketing and sales decisions in an organizational setting.
  9. Evaluate business problems and opportunities to formulate recommendations for courses of action.
  10. Analyze trends in the external environment that could affect marketing and management strategies.
  11. Create a professional cover letter and resume, and practice interviewing skills through mock interviews with industry partners.
Degrees that use this course


Associate of Applied Science (AAS)