MKTG2236 - Small Business Management

3 (3/0/0)
This course provides a summary of many of the major issues faced by anyone starting a small business. The course teaches the fundamentals of small business management by blending basic management principles with tested and proven real world techniques for planning, organizing and operating a small business successfully. The course utilizes a variety of learning tools including the textbook, PowerPoint, lectures, written assignments, cases, websites and hands-on activities.
  1. Explore characteristics of small businesses.
  2. Explain three main forms of business opportunities.
  3. Explain strategic plans for small businesses.
  4. Explain business plan steps.
  5. Discuss the financing of small businesses.
  6. Analyze financial statements.
  7. Explain legal forms of business ownership.
  8. Explain key factors in picking the right location.
  9. Explain promotional methods.
  10. Explain purchasing and inventory control.
  11. Discuss managing human resources.
  12. Discuss risk management.
Degrees that use this course

Business: Management, Marketing and Sales

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)