MKTG2000 - Integrated Marketing Communications

3 (3/0/0)
This course is an introduction to the field of integrated marketing communications (IMC) and its role in marketing plans. Emphasis is on the converging fields of advertising, public relations, sales promotion, personal selling and digital marketing. This course focuses on the marketing communications strategy that includes consumer insight and research, market segmentation, brand positioning, communication messages and media channels.
  1. Explain the role of marketing communications in the marketing plan.
  2. Develop a situational analysis for an organization.
  3. Develop measurable campaign objectives and strategies.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of market segmentation while identifying a target market.
  5. Identify emerging trends in digital and traditional promotions.
  6. Differentiate between business and consumer promotional plans.
  7. Examine the consumer journey relative to promotional strategies.
  8. Demonstrate an understanding of brand positioning.
  9. Develop communication messaging and media strategies that achieve campaign objectives.
  10. Distinguish between owned, paid and earned media channels.
  11. Create a comprehensive integrated marketing communications campaign for a brand, organization or social cause.
  12. Apply research techniques to strategic campaign decisions.
  13. Analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) in measuring a promotional campaign.
  14. Demonstrate proficiency in business report writing and presentation skills.
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