ENTR1301 - Entrepreneurship III: Running and Growing Your Business

3 (3/0/0)
In this course, students who are operating a business or have a solid business model learn how to build a firm foundation for running and growing their business. Students develop a detailed business plan as well as present and pitch a business plan to entrepreneurial professionals. The focus of the course is on the financial, marketing and operational functions within a business needed for sustained growth and success.
  1. Explain the elements that contribute to company growth.
  2. Demonstrate responsibility, innovation and initiative in a demanding business setting.
  3. Outline key components of a business plan.
  4. Determine capital equipment needs and other start-up costs.
  5. Develop marketing and sales strategies.
  6. Create financial projections to prepare for business growth or loss.
  7. Develop a pro-forma balance sheet, income statement and cash budget.
  8. Perform a business plan presentation.
  9. Create a go-to-market strategy.
Degrees that use this course

Entrepreneurial Certificate