ENTR1101 - Entrepreneurship I: Finding Your Opportunity

3 (3/0/0)
This course is designed for those who have a current business or aspire to create business opportunities. Students assess their skills, attitudes and behaviors related to entrepreneurial and innovative mindsets. Concepts and exercises focus on practical and repeatable processes and applications that identify unmet customer needs to generate ideas that become an innovation of value. Students create and present (pitch) business ideas. This course contains content and information on entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurial thinking.
  1. Understand the mindset of an entrepreneur.
  2. Critically evaluate different business models.
  3. Apply new knowledge and innovative ideas to complex situations.
  4. Compare and contrast various funding sources.
  5. Differentiate between business ideas and business opportunities.
  6. Analyze data to determine the feasibility of a business opportunity.
  7. Apply data collection to opportunity being analyzed.
  8. Evaluate a business’s potential barrier to entry into a market.
  9. Determine a business’s growth potential.
Degrees that use this course

Entrepreneurial Certificate