ECHO2200 - Adult Echocardiography Clinical I

7 (0/0/7)
This course provides a supervised clinical practicum that prepares students to develop cognitive, psychomotor and affective learning domains for adult transthoracic echocardiography. Students demonstrate increasing proficiency in the required echocardiography imaging modalities that will allow them to achieve clinical competency.
  1. Develop a working knowledge of the functions, goals and equipment of an echocardiography department.
  2. Apply didactic and clinical knowledge, and become familiar with the protocols of the clinical site.
  3. Demonstrate how to communicate on a basic, professional level with healthcare staff and patients.
  4. Demonstrate the critical thinking, cognitive and psychomotor skills required for clinical experience.
  5. Demonstrate basic patient care skills as required to be a competent healthcare provider.
  6. Demonstrate appropriate care for laboratory equipment.
  7. Demonstrate the role of echocardiography in patient diagnosis and management.
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