DMKT2320 - Search Engine Marketing

3 (3/0/0)
This course provides information on both the technical and creative elements to improve search engine optimization (SEO) within a digital marketing strategy. Course content will include search engine techniques to improve performance in search queries through organic and paid web page optimization. Emphasis will be placed on web page design, quality content, keyword search and targeting, link building, local search, data measurement and pay-per-click advertising.
  1. Explain the role and importance of SEO in attaining marketing objectives.
  2. Examine how search engines operate by crawling, indexing and ranking information.
  3. Evaluate search engine page ranking based on content relevance and link building best practices.
  4. Apply keyword search principles and resources in targeting user intent.
  5. Examine local search ranking best practices.
  6. Examine SEO technical issues relating to indexing, ranking, page linking, mobile friendliness and security.
  7. Examine mobile search optimization in web page design.
  8. Apply SEO metrics and measurements of data to improve search results.
  9. Examine web page off-site best practices in building relevance, trust and authority.
  10. Implement a simulated pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model.
  11. Implement simulated keyword searches and bidding strategies.
  12. Demonstrate proficiency in creating effective ad copy.
  13. Analyze marketing data to improve sales, profits, reach and conversion rates in making marketing decisions.
  14. Examine the evolution of algorithm changes and future trends in SEO.
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