CVRI2130 - Cardiovascular Technology II

5 (3/2/0)
This course builds on the knowledge and skills gained in Cardiovascular Technology I. Students will learn diagnostic and interventional procedures related to peripheral vascular, neurovascular, congenital and pediatric conditions, and complications and emergencies.
  1. Explain assessment and treatment of peripheral vascular complications and emergencies.
  2. Explain assessment and treatment of neurovascular complications and emergencies.
  3. Explain assessment and treatment of congenital and pediatric complications and emergencies.
  4. Prepare patient for various peripheral vascular diagnostic and interventional procedures.
  5. Prepare patient for various neurovascular diagnostic and interventional procedures.
  6. Prepare patient for various congenital and pediatric diagnostic and interventional procedures.
  7. Explain assessment and treatment of electrophysiological complications and emergencies.
  8. Prepare patient for various electrophysiological diagnostic and interventional procedures.
  9. Maintain patient safety in the simulation lab setting.
  10. Perform hemodynamic calculations.
  11. Maintain asepsis throughout catheterization laboratory procedures.
  12. Participate as an active member of the catheterization laboratory team.
  13. Demonstrate professional behavior.
  14. Perform accurate documentation of catheterization procedure.
  15. Discuss intra-catheterization complications and emergencies and their treatment.
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