CSEC2204 - Managing Directory Services

3 (2/1/0)
Directory services provide a central repository for information available on a network. In this course, students will learn that the purpose of a directory is to provide information about people and other resources, which supports the increasingly important function of identity management. Students will learn to automate directory service management functions.
  1. Describe directory synchronization processes.
  2. Describe appropriate backup and restoration of directory services.
  3. Design, debug and test a script that includes sequence, selection, repetition and parameter passing.
  4. Evaluate the specific skills necessary for continued employment in information technology.
  5. Implement the appropriate procedures and technologies necessary to enforce administrative policies in a corporate environment.
  6. Implement effective and appropriate system administration policies with sensitivity to the goals and constraints of an organization.
  7. Carry out IT policies within an organization, including privacy, legal and ethical considerations.
  8. Perform appropriate directory service management functions.
  9. Apply appropriate industry standard control recommendations on a directory service.
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