CPTR1122 - System Maintenance

3 (2/1/0)
The focus of this course is troubleshooting computers and computing-related equipment. The course begins with an overview of basic electronics and progresses to building and troubleshooting computing equipment and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. It also deals with optimizing the performance of systems.
  1. Describe how the historical development of hardware and operating system computing platforms produced the computing systems we have today.
  2. Illustrate how to store and retrieve data using a computer.
  3. Choose the most effective operating system based on a computer’s intended use.
  4. Diagram the main parts of a computer, including interconnections.
  5. Perform at least one operating system installation on a computer.
  6. Perform at least one computing device hardware build.
  7. Use appropriate and emerging technologies to improve the performance of computer systems.
  8. Use wireless sensors within an ad hoc network architecture to capture data within a multimedia system.
  9. Use appropriate electrical test equipment for troubleshooting.
Degrees that use this course


Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

Information Technology

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