BUS2150 - Legal Environment of Business

3 (3/0/0)
This course offers an overview of the American legal system and provides an introduction to what a business person should know about the law and the American legal system. Major content areas include the court system, trial process, alternative dispute resolution, business and the Constitution, the administrative process, torts and product liability, common law of contracts, employment law, employment discrimination, anti-trust law, international business and ethics.
  1. Understand the main elements of the American legal system and how it functions within the federal system of government.
  2. Understand the rights and limitations found in the Constitution.
  3. Understand the main sources of legal authority, which may include constitutions, treaties, statutes, cases, reguations and decrees.
  4. Understand and apply legal terminology in an appropriate context.
  5. Understand and apply the fundamentals of legal reasoning.
  6. Understand legal situations which impact businesses, which may include criminal law, civil law, contracts, torts, business organizations, intellectual property, employment law, legal and regulatory contracts, torts, business organizations, intellectual property, employment law, the legal and regulatory environment of business (local, national and global), the Uniform Commercial Code and alternative forms of dispute resolution.
  7. Analyze fact patterns to identify legal issues and their impact on associated stakeholders.
  8. Analyze legal issues through the application of primary and secondary sources of law.
  9. Understand the functions of courts and other non-judicial tribunals in the resolution of disputes.
  10. Understand the philosophies of law and the resolution of ethical dilemmas.
  11. Analyze and defend alternative outcomes in legal cases through oral and written communication.
  12. Understand and apply the use of legal and business databases.
  13. Understand the global and culturally diverse context in which business and business law functions.
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