In Progress
Start Term
Fall 2022
End Term
Summer 2023 (projected)
Project Lead(s)
Vice President of Student Affairs, Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Technology
Pillar(s) of Success
Equity and Inclusion
Financial Sustainability
Student Success
Project Purpose
  • Ensure effective tracking of students through the entire lifecycle including prospective student communications, current student communications, course success, early alert indicators, registration information, tracking academic plans, and viewing of pertinent student data.
  • Provide a space for students to interact with key employees including advising, financial aid, and counselors/social workers; as well as provide a method for secure upload of documents and track progress towards goals.
  • Provide managers a dashboard to track ongoing progress on enrollment, registration, and completion of financial aid.
  • Submit RFP to system office
  • Select vendor
  • Integration from ISRS into the CRM
  • Dashboards for supervisors, managers, and students.
Project Scope

In Scope

All student affairs units.

Out of Scope

Foundation, WDS (currently, may change depending on results of the RFP).

Effectiveness Measures

A requirement of the CRM includes a supervisor dashboard to monitor progress of students with registration. As this is a new functionality for the college, the departments need to set metrics (complete for enrollment through the VSM process), benchmark the data, and apply annual plans to improve on those metrics. Summative data will be reviewed at the completion of each enrollment cycle and weekly throughout the enrollment cycle.


Integration with ISRS.

Financial Impact

Total estimate for Salesforce was approximately $150k for implementation across the student lifecycle. With an RFP, we will be targeting a total cost of $100k.