Client Rights

Client Rights

Our services are free of charge to currently enrolled students. If a counselor feels the problem presented by the student is one he/she cannot help in resolving, the counselor will assist in making an appropriate referral.

By state law, access to confidential information will be available only to professional counselors except in the following circumstances where disclosure is required

1. When there is a clear risk of imminent harm for the client or another person,

2. When court ordered,

3. When abuse of children or vulnerable adults is involved,

4. When a pregnancy may be at risk because of chemical abuse, and/or

5. With a signed release from the client.

The client has the right to refuse any services and can request a different counselor at any time.

A counselor shall consider the client as an individual and shall not impose on the client any stereotypes of behavior, values or roles related to age, gender, religion, race, disability, nationality or sexual orientation.

Your counselor may ask you to evaluate counseling services that you have received. Your participation can be anonymous and is voluntary. We will appreciate your help with this effort to improve the quality of services.

The client is encouraged to report any perceived violation of the above rights to the Dean of Student Services.

Email communications: Students should be aware that confidentiality of message transmission by email cannot be guaranteed. Counselors and staff may not always be capable of receiving electronic mail.