Limited Scope Radiography Admission Requirements

Start: Fall 2024

Location: Detroit Lakes campus 

Application deadlines:

Round 1 - May 15, 2024
Round 2 - August 1, 2024

Thank you for your interest in Minnesota State Community and Technical College’s Limited Scope Radiography program. 

Important information:

  • There are 16 available seats for the fall 2024 Limited Scope Radiography program.
  • PSEO students are not eligible to take Limited Scope Radiography courses. High school students are encouraged to register for college general education courses while they pursue acceptance into the Limited Scope Radiography program. 
  • Admission is based on completion of the admission eligibility criteria listed below.
  • Only students accepted to the core LSR program are allowed to take courses with an LSR prefix.
  • The following biology course has a five-year recency requirement, meaning it must have been taken within five years of the programs start date. For Fall 2024 admission, the course will need to be taken Fall 2019 or later to be valid.
    • BIOL 2260 Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lecture

We are pleased you are considering M State and look forward to receiving your application. If you have questions about admission and program requirements, please call 877.450.3322 or email

Limited Scope Radiography admission eligibility criteria:

Students must meet the following eligibility criteria. 

Apply to M State

To be considered for the Limited Scope Radiography program, students must be accepted to M State. The application for the LSR program is separate. You must be accepted to M State to access the LSR program application.

New to M State - Follow the admissions checklist at

Returning to M State - Submit an online application for admission at If you have attended another college since you last attended M State, you will also need to request the official transcript be sent to the M State Processing Center.   

M State Processing Center
1414 College Way 
Fergus Falls, MN 56537

Students should allow up to six weeks for transfer work to be received, evaluated and entered onto their Degree Audit Reporting. Transfer courses will not count toward admission to the program until they have been evaluated by the M State transfer specialist and successfully transferred.

Current M State student - If you are currently attending M State, you will not need to update your application to the college. 

Apply to the Limited Scope Radiography  program 

The Limited Scope Radiography program application must be submitted for an applicant to be considered for the program. Students who miss the fall start deadline may be eligible to enroll in general education courses and complete program admission requirements prior to the next fall start. 

You must be accepted to M State to access the program application.

Limited Scope Radiography Program Application

Math and English requirements

Math scores on the Accuplacer/ACT or high school GPA must place the student into MATH 1114 College Algebra or higher. Students testing into development math must complete the highest-level developmental course with a grade of C or higher prior to starting the program. 

Reading scores on the Accuplacer/ACT or high school GPA must place the student into ENGL 1101 College Writing. Students testing into developmental English must complete the highest-level developmental course with a grade of C or higher prior to starting the program.

Completion of prerequisite courses 

The following Limited Scope Radiography prerequisite courses must be satisfactorily completed (grade of C or better) prior to the application deadline: 

  • BIOL 2260 Human Anatomy and Physiology I*
  • COMM 1140 Interpersonal Communication OR MnTC Goal Area 1 completed
  • RADT 1102 Fundamental Concepts of Radiologic Technology

*Course must have been completed within five years prior to the program start date. For the Fall 2024 start, the course must have been taken Fall 2019 or later.

Admission of students to the Limited Scope Radiography program:

Students will be accepted into the program based on the completion of Limited Scope Radiography program prerequisite general education courses. A successfully completed course is one that is completed before the application deadline and has a grade of C or better. 

A student's grade in prerequisite general education courses are used to calculate GPA for program acceptance. Applicants with the highest GPA will be accepted into the program. The following courses are used to determine prerequisite GPA: 

  • BIOL 2260 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • COMM 1140 Interpersonal Communication OR MnTC Goal Area 1 completed
  • RADT 1102 Fundamental Concepts of Radiologic Technology 

If seats are available after the application deadline review, a secondary deadline of July 1 will be posted. 

Applicants who meet all requirements for admission will have the greatest chance of being admitted into the program. Students are encouraged to submit their program application even if they are in the process of meeting all the admission requirements. Applicants will be notified of their status within 30 days after the application deadline.

Additional program requirements for accepted students:

Minnesota Department of Human Services background check

A background check is a mandatory review of an individual's criminal history as recorded by the state of Minnesota and/or the federal government. Students in M State's healthcare programs must pass background check(s) before being assigned to clinical sites where they will have contact with patients.

The Minnesota Department of Human Services Background Check is a requirement for students accepted into the LSR program. A $30 fee will be assessed for processing the background study and fingerprinting/photo. The process for background studies and fingerprinting will be included with your acceptance email.

Accepted students who choose not to complete the background check OR who do not pass the background check may not be permitted to attend clinical experiences or service learning opportunities. In such cases, the college cannot guarantee alternative learning opportunities, which ultimately will affect the students’ ability to complete the program.

If you experience any issues with the application, please call 877.450.322 or email