Appealing a suspension

There may be times when circumstances make it difficult to comply with M State's Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. If there are mitigating circumstances (such as a hospitalization, documented medical problems or death of an immediate family member), you can submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal to request permission to return to M State without completing a one term suspension.  An academic advisor can answer your questions about completing the appeal form. After submission, your appeal will be reviewed by a committee and you will be notified of their decision with a letter sent to your M State email account.


Spring Semester 2024 Appeal Deadline Dates

If you are suspended following Fall Semester 2023 and are registered for Spring Semester 2024 courses, your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeal must be submitted by 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, January 2.  You will be notified via email as soon as a decision has been made on your SAP appeal.  If your SAP appeal is approved, you will remain enrolled in your Spring Semester courses; if it is denied, your Spring Semester courses will be dropped.

If you do not submit an appeal by the January 2 deadline, your Spring Semester courses will be dropped.  Appeals for financial aid suspension will be accepted beyond the January 2 deadline, but must be received by this date to ensure review for an academic suspension.