Child and Adolescent Therapeutic Behavioral Health

Certificate - 16 credits

About this program
This certificate prepares learners to enter the mental health workplace as a Mental Health Behavioral Aide II (MHBAII). This program provides foundational knowledge for entry-level workers (beyond the level of Mental Health Behavioral Aide I) under the supervision of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and other mental health professionals to provide direct patient care for children with mental illnesses and perform related functions.
Program outcomes
  1. Understand the physical, cognitive, social and emotional developmental changes that occur throughout childhood and adolescence.
  2. Explore the diagnosis, etiology and treatment, including psychotropic medications, of psychological disorders from different historical and theoretical perspectives.
  3. Examine strategies in therapeutic communication techniques and crisis management skills that are effective in mental health-related situations, including de-escalation and redirection behavior.
  4. Explore basic data practices and privacy issues as they relate to families and children with behavioral disorders.
  5. Identify and analyze the environmental factors that influence maladaptive and adaptive behavior.
  6. Explain the behavioral principles and procedures used for skill building and changing the environment and behavior.
  7. Analyze the experiences and challenges of different cultures in the U.S. from historical and contemporary perspectives, including societal attitudes toward mental illness.
  8. Explore multicultural, gender-fair and disability-sensitive values and the interpersonal skills used to adapt to different cultures.
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Curriculum overview

Credits Requirement type
16 Required courses
16 Total


Required Courses:

Course Credits
MCS2230 - Multicultural America 3
PSYC1203 - Introduction to Child and Adolescent Therapeutic Behavioral Health 4
PSYC2220 - Abnormal Psychology 3
PSYC2222 - Lifespan Development 3
PSYC2226 - Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis 3

Additional Requirements:

0 Students must earn a grade of 'C' or better in all program courses to graduate with the MHBA II certificate