PE2254 - Sports in Society

3 (3/0/0)
This course involves a discussion of the impact of sports in society and the values we place on sports. The course will explore the values, virtues, consequences, rights and responsibilities of sports in our culture. The course is designed to improve the understanding of legal, racial, academic and moral issues of sports and athletics.
  1. Analyze the impact of sports in society from a historical perspective.
  2. Explore the current impact of sports in society.
  3. Critique the moral aspects of sports in society.
  4. Examine the importance of role models and their influence on society.
  5. Develop personal views of ethical, moral and legal choices made by athletes and their impact on society.
  6. Compare ethical issues pertaining to sports in society and their personal lives.
  7. Analyze the difference between sport and play.
  8. Acquire the knowledge of the benefit of sport.
  9. Acquire the knowledge of the benefit of play.
  10. Examine the history of sport and play in American culture.
Degrees that use this course

Sport Management

Associate of Science (AS)