MLT2350 - Professional Issues in Medical Laboratory Technology

2 (2/0/0)
This course surveys professional issues in preparation for career entry. Emphasis is placed on professional issues, ethics, current topics in health care delivery, governmental regulations, state licensure, societal concerns, cultural diversity, disease prevention, research, public health and environmental testing.
  1. Describe recent emerging infectious diseases and the role of public health.
  2. Evaluate ethical issues as they relate to the laboratory profession.
  3. Discuss the role of government and other regulating agencies in the laboratory profession.
  4. Compare accreditation, certification and state licensure.
  5. Discuss the role that cultural diversity plays in the health care system.
  6. Identify ways that laboratory professionals can work to minimize cultural disparities in the health care system.
  7. List the ways research impacts the laboratory profession.
  8. Display interpersonal relationship skills with regard to courtesy and cooperating with fellow students and instructors.
  9. Comply with course and college policies and procedures.
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