MATH1112 - Applied Statistics

3 (3/0/0)
Meets MnTC Goal Areas 2 and 4. This course focuses on the principles and applications of statistics and data analysis with an emphasis on inference. Students will acquire a solid foundation in the basics of statistics and its application in solving practical problems. This course uses examples from various disciplines to illustrate the relevancy of statistics in real-world situations. Topics may include frequency distributions, introduction to probability, normal distribution, central limit theorem, estimation, hypothesis testing, non-parametric techniques, design of experiments, one-way and two-way analysis of variance and simple linear regression.
  • Placement Exam
  1. Identify different levels of measurements of data.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of sampling techniques.
  3. Organize data using frequency tables, graphs and stem-and-leaf plots.
  4. Compute measures of central tendency and variation.
  5. Analyze data and correlation of data using linear regression.
  6. Find probability of an event using probability properties and counting techniques.
  7. Estimate population parameters using confidence intervals.
  8. Perform hypothesis testing and interpret the results.
  9. Perform analysis of variance.
  10. Analyze the characteristics of a normal distribution, including the central limit theorem.
Goal Areas
2. Critical Thinking
4. Mathematics/Logical Reasoning
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