HUM1110 - Native American Culture

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Meets MnTC Goal Areas 2, 6 and 7. This course is an interdisciplinary study of the social and cultural life of Native Americans, primarily the Plains Indians. Students consider traditional and contemporary expressions of Native peoples as well as the history from which these expressions spring, especially the impact that contact with European peoples had and continues to have on Native American ways of life.
  1. Examine the elements of Native American belief systems.
  2. Compare Native American and Non-Native belief systems through writing and discussion.
  3. Demonstrate awareness of the scope and variety of works in the arts and humanities on the topic of Native American culture.
  4. Express an informed personal reaction to the works studied in class.
  5. Explain the development of and the changing role of Native Americans in the United States' culture and history.
  6. Identify the dynamics of power relations between Native Americans and other groups, past and present.
  7. Analyze attitudes, behaviors, concepts, and beliefs concerning Native American Identity.
  8. Describe and discuss the experience and contributions of various tribes that have shaped American attitudes, society and culture.
  9. Explore the evolution of Native American culture and how contemporary expressions of Native thought reflect new realities.
Goal Areas
2. Critical Thinking
6. The Humanities and Fine Arts
7. Human Diversity
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