HITM2290 - Health Care Data Management and Analysis

3 (1/2/0)
This course provides an in-depth look into the management of health care data and how this data is used for analysis, statistics and graphical representation.
  1. Identify policies and strategies to achieve data integrity, including data validity, reliability and quality.
  2. Evaluate data dictionaries and data sets for compliance with governance standards.
  3. Apply data analysis techniques to identify trends.
  4. Apply report generation technologies to facilitate decision making.
  5. Apply basic statistics utilizing mean, frequency, percentile and standard deviation.
  6. Calculate statistics for health care operations.
  7. Calculate and report patient record delinquency rates.
  8. Report health care data through graphical representations.
  9. Identify the processes and strategies for managing data.
Degrees that use this course

Health Information Technology/Coding

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)