GDTC2249 - Dimensional Design

3 (2/1/0)
Students will develop an understanding of design scaling techniques and design dielines in this course, applying that knowledge as they create a variety of two- and three-dimensional design solutions focused on large-scale products such as signage, packaging, product merchandising and display graphics.
  1. Calculate scale and apply to designs utilizing basic design scaling techniques.
  2. Construct designs that apply file optimization techniques.
  3. Produce a variety of two- and three-dimensional design projects.
  4. Explain specific uses and design considerations for output to various printing substrates or digital environments.
  5. Define and apply proper industry production terminology.
  6. Adhere to complex and rigid design specifications.
  7. Utilize appropriate tools, methods and technologies for dimensional designs.
  8. Demonstrate proficiency and exhibit professional work habits in outputting files for both print and digital applications.
  9. Define and employ industry best practices.
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