ELL1080 - English Language Learner Writing II

3 (3/0/0)
This writing course is for non-native learners of English and is designed to prepare students for college-level writing tasks and/or courses. Students will learn multiple-paragraph essay forms with an emphasis on paraphrasing, summarizing, quoting and analyzing sources. Students will inventory patterns of error and create an individual plan for increasing accuracy.
  • Placement into the course
  1. Choose and employ appropriate rhetorical modes in supporting theses.
  2. Compose multi-paragraph essays that summarize, evaluate and/or analyze sources.
  3. Learn fundamental principles for writing reviews of literature or other artistic works such as movies, theater or graphic art.
  4. Integrate sources smoothly into original prose.
  5. Use sources to support original theses.
  6. Use the passive and active forms of verbs appropriately.
  7. Experiment with and employ complex grammatical constructions such as introductory subordinate clauses, introductory phrases, appositive phrases and conditionals.
  8. Use sophisticated verb forms such as the perfect and perfect progressive.
  9. Identify individual patterns of error and apply appropriate editing strategies.