CPTR2260 - Advanced Structured Query Language

3 (2/1/0)
Students will build upon the skills learned in the Structured Query Language (SQL) class. This course takes on more advanced but common operations such as joins and sub-queries, unions and intersections. Additional topics will include the use of stored procedures and views and appropriate use of these features, proper indexing of data, altering table definitions and use of the CASE statement.
  1. Demonstrate the JOIN statements (Inner/Outer, Right/Left).
  2. Explain usages of UNION, EXCEPT and INTERSECT statements.
  3. Create, use and manage database views.
  4. Create and utilize database stored procedures.
  5. Demonstrate an awareness of SQL injection.
  6. Create, use and manage database temporary tables.
  7. Perform tasks using an ALTER TABLE statement.
  8. Generate SQL statements using indexes.
  9. Construct subqueries.
  10. Write SQL statements using a CASE statement.
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Associate of Applied Science (AAS)