CPTR1121 - Information Technology Service Desk

3 (2/1/0)
This course is an introduction to the IT service desk and user support. Students will be introduced to all aspects of the service desk including the roles, responsibilities, skills needed and role of certifications for the service desk support professional. This course places an emphasis on customer service skills, techniques to develop the necessary skills and application of the skills to difficult customer situations.
  1. Identify the components of a successful service desk.
  2. Describe service desk roles and responsibilities.
  3. Discuss the processes and procedures used in the service desk.
  4. Evaluate common software applications found in service desks.
  5. Identify performance measures used by the service desk to evaluate the support professional and the support team.
  6. Review the role of certifications in the service desk.
  7. Differentiate the mix of skills needed for a career in technical customer support.
  8. Model good listening and communications skills to better support the service desk customer.
  9. Apply technical writing skills used by support professionals.
  10. Demonstrate how to handle difficult customer situations.
  11. Explain how to use processes to resolve incidents and problems.
  12. Identify the characteristics of a successful team.
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