CONM1124 - Building Systems

3 (3/0/0)
This course is a comprehensive treatment of the various techniques, systems and methodologies utilized in the construction industry and will help the student prepare for the responsibilities of supervision on a modern construction project.
  1. Investigate construction system arrangement/CSI format.
  2. Examine sheeting/soils system.
  3. Classify foundation systems.
  4. Explain cast-in-place/precast concrete systems.
  5. Assess masonry systems.
  6. Examine wood construction techniques.
  7. Analyze elements of steel construction.
  8. Assess thermal insulation/vapor control systems.
  9. Classify mechanical systems.
  10. Assess HVAC systems.
  11. Examine storm/sanitary sewer systems.
  12. Analyze electrical systems.
  13. Classify special building systems.
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