BUS2700 - Technology Research and Presentation

3 (2/1/0)
Business technology is a continuously evolving catalyst for opportunity and innovation. It is necessary to learn and share new technologies and innovations in order to maintain a competitive advantage; therefore this course requires students to do comprehensive research on a preapproved business technology or innovation topic. Students will develop and present a written report and visual presentation designed to educate their peers.
  1. Utilize research to draw conclusions based on evidence.
  2. Exhibit how to effectively use online research tools.
  3. Create effective written communication of research results.
  4. Demonstrate personal integrity by conducting ethical research through utilizing proper citation methods.
  5. Apply technology to visually communicate the results of a research project.
  6. Professionally present research according to predefined criteria.
  7. Critique oral presentations according to predefined criteria.
  8. Demonstrate information literacy through critical assessment of data legitimacy.
  9. Construct an analysis report regarding the technology's relevance to business.
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