BIOL2268 - Medical Microbiology Lab

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Meets MnTC Goal Area 3. This laboratory course includes the fundamental techniques of cultivation, staining, biochemical analysis and identification of known and unknown bacterial isolates, and antimicrobial susceptibility testing. Morphological examination and pathogenesis of fungi, protozoans and helminths are also addressed.
  • Assessment into ENGL1101 or college level writing equivalent.
  • BIOL2267
  1. Identify microorganisms based on direct examination and laboratory results.
  2. Describe simple and differential bacterial staining procedures.
  3. Discuss the importance of using aseptic technique in the laboratory setting.
  4. Compare and contrast fungi based on physical characteristics.
  5. Identify protozoans and helminths of medical importance from prepared slides.
  6. Evaluate the importance of proper specimen collection and transport.
Goal Areas
3. Natural Sciences
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