BIOL2240 - Genetics

4 (3/1/0)
Meets MnTC Goal Area 3. This course is a study of the basis of heredity with emphasis on modern molecular and classical Mendelian genetics. It is open to all students but is recommended for students majoring in biology and health-related areas. This course includes a laboratory which explores molecular and classical genetic techniques.
  1. Explain and apply fundamental concepts related to the storage, transfer and expression of genetic information at the cellular, organismal and population levels.
  2. Use critical thinking skills to understand, evaluate and analyze processes of inheritance.
  3. Demonstrate ability to apply relevant statistical tests to genetic data.
  4. Formulate a hypothesis, and conduct and analyze an experiment with a model organism.
  5. Organize, draft, edit and revise formal scientific writing.
  6. Read, interpret, incorporate and cite information and ideas from primary literature into writing.
  7. Utilize and understand the application of a genetic technology.
Goal Areas
3. Natural Sciences
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